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It is not certain when agriculture began. “Agriculture involves deliberate effort to modify the earth’s surface through cultivation of crops and rearing of live-stock for sustenance or economic gain.” It is likely that agriculture had multiple points of origin from where it spread to other parts of the earth’s surface. Vegeculture-the reproduction of plants by direct cloning of existent plants-was probably first practised in South-east Asia. Animals like the dog, pig and chicken, too, were first domesticated in South-East Asia.

Other early centres for vegeculture were’located in West Africa and North-west South America. Seed agriculture­reproducing plants through annual introduction of seeds­may have originated in several locations, including China, Western India” Ethiopia, Southern Mexico and north-west­ern South America.



  1. nice blog and nice post.

  2. India is a country of Agriculture.

  3. Really good to know all this info.

  4. Agriculture is the most important science in the world

  5. interesting article .. I enjoyed reading this article because it relates to my study of agriculture
    best regards

  6. Have you considered the etymology? I am interested convergence of agriculture and architecture – my studies began in the dictionary.
    Agros – Greek for land
    – culture Latin, cultura or to cultivate or grow also, as the collective manifestations of human intellect
    Arch – Latin from Greek – arkhi, arkhos “chief”
    Architect – the devisor, creator or maker of anything
    various origins (arkhitekton from arkhi “chief” and tekton – builder)

    Food for thought, no pun intended.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. agriculture is one of the bigest part of our life

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